Plastic Icing

Course content:

  •  Covering soft cakes with plastic icing
  •  Making royal icing
  •  Basic piping


  •  Notebook and pen
  •  Apron
  •  Tea towel
  •  Dish wipes (to keep hands and surface area clean)
  •  Non-serrated table knife and/or small metal spatula (available for purchase at Kadies)
  •  Cling wrap
  •  1 round or square soft cake on a cake board
  • This can be 2 cakes sandwiched together or one cake but it must be at least 8cm high. The board must be at least 3 inches larger than the cake
  •  Plastic icing (enough to cover cake)
  •  Cake smoothers (available for purchase at Kadies)
  •  Rolling pin (bring if you have, otherwise one will be available to use in class)
  •  Hat pin or pin with beaded head
  •  Medium glass bowl or beer mug (500ml to 1litre capacity)
  •  500g sifted icing sugar
  •  1 egg white
  •  2 disposable icing bags. (available for purchase at Kadies)
  •  No 2 and No 18 icing nozzles
  •  A teaspoon and dessert spoon

Supplied by kadies

  • Butter icing