The BEST way to enquire about a cake via email, to find a picture (Google images or our face book page can help) that resembles what you are looking for.  As well as a picture we would require the following details in order to quote:

  • Date and time  the cake is required/when the cake would be served
  • Flavour of cake (chocolate, vanilla and red velvet)(If you want red velvet you will need to specify if you would like cream cheese icing (only done in cold seasons) or regular butter icing. Another icing option is fondant
  • What size cake you would like/how many people you will be serving
  • In the event of it being a birthday cake the name and age of birthday person.

If it is an anniversary or baby shower or whatever the event is please be as specific as possible.

We make our cakes from a premix which comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet.

It is best to order for cakes 1 – 2 weeks before it is required.